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Ode to our Zip Codes

Thank you to O Miami! for this terrific poetry idea.

Visitors to our table at the Idora Farmers’ Market wrote five-line poems. Each zip code number = the number of words in that line. We enjoyed talking with our visitors, and they wrote some delightful poems, on the spot! Also satisfying to see the Idora Neighborhood Farmer’s Market thriving: jam,  blueberries, raspberries, black raspberries and plums. Mmmm, summer.


Brick and frame house— shaggy cedar shakes and slate roof, long covered over.

My old lovely home.


Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation: all hands on deck. Lawnmowers, planners, roofers, urban farmers. Revitalize! Revitalize!


Unabandoned is a garden lovingly tended, somewhat wild Little free library under pines

Come and visit me anytime you like.


I wanted a white house. The house we got was gray. Now it is white.


On blissful sunny days triumphant shouts come from wooden tower across the street

someone dominated their fear today


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