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The mission of Lit Youngstown is to provide opportunities for writers and readers to experience and enjoy the literary arts. We support beginning and experienced writers in their goals to hone their craft, and share and publish their work. We believe that the acts of writing and reading serve as both window and mirror: fostering creativity and  increasing understanding of the self and our diverse community.


We envision a society where literacy, reading, literary creativity and ideas are valued and celebrated, promoting empathy, self and cultural awareness, critical analysis, active citizenship, information, and knowledge.





Our values help us achieve our goals.

  • We provide a platform for writers to share their work

  • We offer access to visiting writers with a wide range of styles and experience

  • We pay teaching artists

  • We design classes and events to be affordable and inclusive

  • We foster a nurturing environment for helpful critical feedback

  • We collaborate with community organizations to extend our reach and build on the work being done here

  • We recruit volunteers to engage our members' interest and talents, broaden the face of our organization, and strengthen our connection to individuals

As an organization with a focus on giving voice to and reflecting on the shared and individual experiences of those within our community, Lit Youngstown acknowledges and embraces those on divergent paths. We believe in restorative justice and welcome incarcerated members of the community and those reentering society. We also recognize the pain of victims and survivors and will continue to work toward providing a safe and brave space with the intention of preventing further harm.


Statement on Convicted Writers & Victims/Survivors of Crimes



Impact Statement

Lit Youngstown is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. To that end, we

  • look for products such as paper with a high post-consumer waste content

  • reuse materials such as signs and dishes rather than purchasing single-use products

  • continue to hold some meetings and programs remotely

  • hosted a year-long discussion on humankind and the natural world that included books on climate change and biodiversity

  • offer vegetarian and vegan options at events

  • purchased a white oak for our office host, St. John’s Episcopal Church

We also strive to have a positive economic impact on our community by supporting local businesses.

We are always grateful for donations. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization; your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, and it is so much appreciated.

To support Lit Youngstown by check, please send your check payable to Lit Youngstown to

Lit Youngstown

323 Wick Ave. #6,

Youngstown OH 44503.


Please include your mailing address.


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    Annual Reports

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