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Featured Reader: Robin Wesson

The featured reader from our April First Wed. Reading is Robin Wesson. She tell us

I was born and spent most of my life on the East Side of beautiful Youngstown. I always loved the power of words and was an avid reader but love for poetry began when I moved back to Youngstown in the 6th grade. YUMADOP (Youngstown Urban Minority Alcoholism And Drug Abuse Op) sent these two beautiful dark skinned ladies to mentor us once a week. One day the ladies read “Phenomenal Woman” by Angelou. I felt so empowered, so proud and so appreciative of my dark skin, that I had been bullied about so many times. I fell in love with poetry that day!
Robin Wesson

 Watch a video of Robin reading her poem “Make Me Crazy.”

We asked Robin a few questions.

How did you find out about LitYoungstown and our readings?  What made you decide to share your poetry with us?

I followed you on Facebook. I was looking for Pig Iron Press because I used to attend their poetry readings and found you.

What inspires your poetry?  What inspires you to write? Honestly I’ve learned that I can trust pen and paper the most with thoughts and feelings…Poetry gives me a way to organize my problems and deal with them

How much of your personal life do you put into your poetry?  Do you feel that’s what makes the best poetry?

Too much for my comfort! I put way too much of my personal life into my poetry! I am a private, guarded person but it helps me organize and deal with what’s going on…..It makes poetry real because life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.

What would you like people to take away from your writing?

1.)    Don’t make assumptions! What you see isn’t always what’s there.

2.)    Don’t hold you in, let the beauty of you shine!



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