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Winning Poems for Summer Festival Posters

We received many hundreds of wonderful poems and stories for our Words Made Visible projects! Thank you all! It was so challenging, but we have selected the winners and finalists for the first part of the project.


“Feral” by Laura Grace Weldon “Men of Beautiful Countenance” by Craig Paulenich “The Neighborhood Girls Fall for the WKBN Meteorologist” by Allison Pitinii Davis Haiku: “dandelion field,” “dentist office window” and “winter constellations” by Elliot Nicely “irises” by Valentina Ranaldi-Adams


“Cindo de Mayo Moon” by Dianne Borsenik “Cold Green” by Catherine Wing “The Hawk in the Woods” by Luke Martinucci “My Great-Great Grandmother” by Craig Paulenich “Spring in the Hollow” by Kari Gunter-Seymour “Tractor” by Lori Gravley “Why the Window Washer Reads Poetry” by Laura Grace Weldon

The judging was blind, by Lit Youngstown staff and board of directors. Winning poems will be made into posters and given away at the Summer Festival of the Arts. Winners and finalists are invited to a reading during the Festival. Mark your calendar and come visit us during the festival! July 8-9 at YSU.

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