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Two Poems by Lena Carson


Aren’t you glad your feet are at the bottom of your legs?

What if your feet were at the end of your arms?

You would have to grab things with your toes

You might bite your toes when you eat a sandwich

And it would smell like sweat

You would have to walk upside down

And you would probably get a headache

And you couldn’t see very far

If you tried to swing, you would have to lay on your belly to reach the ground

Your footless stumps would drag through the mulch and make a big mess

It would be so embarrassing

I give the whole thing a big thumbs down

Because I can

Love can travel like sound

Sound comes from moving things

It’s called vibration

Slow vibrations make low notes like a sad moan from all over the world

Fast vibrations make high notes like a lonely song on the top of a mountain

A sound can hold love inside it

My big heart vibrates fast

My love is strong

Love travels like sound

It can travel many miles

It doesn’t need a plane

And you can be happy because love can travel

It doesn’t need a hug

And you will feel that I love you

I love you

I love you

And I am happy to send you my love

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