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Thank You, Centofanti Foundation

We are so grateful to announce a $15,000 grant from the Centofanti Foundation to support the Fall Literary Festival. We honor the work Centofanti is doing in our community, and are humble to be among the recipients of their support.

The Fall Literary Festival will take place October 7-9, 2021, featuring highly acclaimed visiting writers Ross Gay (poet & essayist), Jan Beatty (poet & memoirist), Matt Forrest Esenwine (children’s author), Bonnie Proudfoot (novelist & poet), & Mike Geither (playwright). Daytime programs will include dozens of presenters from throughout the Eastern U.S. reading their creative work and leading discussions on reading, writing, understanding, teaching, editing, and publishing creative literary work. The book fair will host presses, journals, organizations and programs.

We hope readers and writers from the Mahoning Valley, Northeast Ohio and beyond will join us, including high school and college students. More information on registration will be available soon.


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