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Pictures from Words Made Visible Reception

Thank you to all: artists, writers, supporters, volunteers, the Soap Gallery, the Ohio Arts Council. Special appreciation to photographer Melanie Rae Buonavolonta who captured the day perfectly.

Several people asked about the poem read by Lewis School student Ari Sheik. He has granted permission for his poem to be posted here.


War is a world of misery. Everything is engulfed in chaos.

War bears unsparing  gunfire, pouring in from hell itself. It never ends, never rests.

War is shaped like the sharpened edge of a warped, dangerous knife. Blood ceaselessly dripping from its tip.

War remembers when it was nothing, when it was absent. Now war rules this world.

War is a memory of time when brave men and women fell on the battlefield, fighting for what they believed in.

War is without mercy.

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Lit Youngstown Presents Words Made Visible

A literary-visual art collaboration & exhibit at The Soap Gallery

Opening reception Saturday, February 3, 2018

3:00 Reading Mari Alschuler, Dianne Borsenik, Steve Brightman, Jeanne Bryner, Juliet Cook, David Lee Garrison Kari Gunter-Seymour, Jennifer Hambrick, Kayla Jeswald, Paula J. Lambert, Robert Miltner, Jeffrey Murphy Craig Paulenich,  Caitlyn Ryan, Ari Sheik, Robert Smith, Kerry Trautman, Laura Grace Weldon

Broadsides, Letterpressed by Jason Vaughn at The Cranky Pressman Judges: Jennifer Cline, Steven Reese & Nicole Robinson

“Nylon” by Kerry Trautman “Spooning” by Caitlyn Ryan “Working the Long Shift” by Craig Paulenich “Train, Loud, Lonesome, Leaving Without Me” by Dianne Borsenik

Posters, Graphically Designed by Laura A. Garvin Judges: Lit Youngstown Staff

“Men of Beautiful Countenance” by Craig Paulenich “The Neighborhood Girls Fall for the WKBN Meteorologist” by Allison Pitinii Davis “Feral” by Laura Grace Weldon Haiku by Elliot Nicely Haiku by Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

YSU Painting students, professor Dragana Crnjak

“And time slips by…” Diane Kendig||Arielle Pilolli “Bearing October” by Sarah Marcus-Donnelly||Kristie Gearhart “Empty Elevator” by Joshua Gage||Aislinn Janek “Feral” by Laura Grace Weldon||Amanda Spinosa “Under the Overpass” by Riley Gable||Jessica Hollabaugh

YSU Expressive Drawing students, professor Chris McCullough

“A Haiku Unraveled” by Rob Smith||Tiffany Snow “A Haiku Unraveled” by Rob Smith||Vanessa Bilas “Calling the Dog” by Laura Grace Weldon||Joseph Lanzilotti| “Cold Green” by Catherine Wing||Cassidy Griffin “Endings” by Kari Gunter-Seymour||Ashley Vaughan “Gape: Fledglings” by Paula J. Lambert||Craig Miller “Leaves of a Tulip” by Valentina Ranaldi-Adams||Kaitlin Moran “Myth” by Carol Barrett||Allison Begala “Plum Blossoms” by Valentina Ranaldi-Adams||Dylan Brammer “Post-It to Reflection of Self in the Window” by Caitlyn Ryan||Jacob Melott “Soldier Child” by Robert Miltner||Michaela Best “The Narrows” by Sherri Saines||Kerrianne Ghinda “The Silence” by Elliot Nicely||John Elias “Wanting Snow in August” by Michael Levan||Haley Holt “Weighing Options” by Julie Warther||Kyle Maurice “What the Leaves Said” by Neil Carpathios||Abigail Martin “Your Wish” by Valentina Ranaldi-Adams||Vincent Village

YSU Digital media students, professor Dana Sperry

“Common Ground” by Valentina Ranaldi-Adams||Kathleen Gallagher “Crows” by Neil Carpathios||Alaina Woofter, Matt Miligan, Vinny Matthews, Vincent Village, Torri Session, Tiffany Snow “Mal du Siècle” by Riley Gable||Kim Schüler, Kaylee Mondock, Lexi Chismar “My Great-Great Grandmother” by Craig Paulenich||David Belgrad “Sky Opens” by Robert Smith||Mandy Bell “Ten O’ Clock, The Day Already Threatening” by Kari Gunter-Seymour||Angela Cozart, Evan von Thaer, Christian Steff “Wanting Snow in August” by Michael Levan||Patrick Potter, Keagan O’Brien, Sean Staser “Why the Window Washer Reads Poetry” by Laura Grace Weldon||Matthew Luonuansuu, Caroline Lacusky, Bailee Walton “Winter Aubade” by Riley Gable||Justine Dietrich, Shannon Henrich, Taylor Valerio

YSU Ceramics students, professor Missy McCormick

“All Her True Knowing” by Kari Gunter-Seymour||Venise Abell “An Obligation” by Emily Reid Green||Lydia Tarleton Weisman “And Dog Said” by David Lee Garrison||Rachel Emerson “Autumn Nude,” by Jennifer Hambrick||Chelsea Wells “Bearing October” by Sarah Marcus-Donnelly||Kristie Gearhart “Benefits of Living in Geauga County” by Steve Brightman||Jalen Bosker “Bittersweet Goodbye” by Kayla Jeswald||Victoria Buskirk “Blush: A Cinquain Duet” by Emily Reid Green||Laura Goist “Blush: A Cinquain Duet” by Emily Reid Green||Marah Peek “Cairn” by Mari Alschuler||Tom Davidson “The Chaos We Hear” by Pamela Anderson||Caroline Lacusky “Crows” by Neil Carpathios||Mandolin Bell “Dangling Globe”||Miranda Timmins “Do we have any rock and rollers out there tonight?” by Allison Pitinii Davis||Tammy Bigley “Endings” by Kari Gunter-Seymour||Kelly Livi “Every Hole is Open” by Juliet Cook||Sean Staser “Fault Lines in My Mouth” by Juliet Cook||Evan von Thaer “Garden of Hope” by Cheryl Ciavarella||Ivory Schneider “Gypsy Cartography” by Sergio Ortiz||Mike Rock “Feral” by Laura Grace Weldon||Amanda Spinosa “Feral” by Laura Grace Weldon||Tiffany Snow “November” by David Lee Garrison||Rachel Marchese “Open” by Lori Anne Gravley||Weslie Detwiler “Orpheus: Once a Traveler” by Robert Miltner||Emily Burnham “War” by Ari Sheik||Lorenzo Devine

Excerpts of these literary works will be stamped into sidewalks in spring by Michael Staaf of Steel Valley Signs Judge: Mary Quade

“Chant of Change” by David Lee Garrison “Stars of the Front Yard” by Jeffrey Murphy “The Field’s Red Wheat” by Jeanne Bryner “Why the Window Washer Reads Poetry” by Laura Grace Weldon

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