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NEOMFA Student Board Member Tommy Mihalopoulos

At a recent meeting, Lit Youngstown’s Board of Directors decided that each year we will invite a student from the Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts to serve on the Board. We think these new voices will strengthen our process and program, and our relationship with the NEOMFA. We are honored and grateful to be working with you, Tommy!

Tommy Mihalopoulos was born in Boardman, Ohio in 1996. He holds a bachelor’s of science in Chemistry and English with a creative writing emphasis from Allegheny College. At Allegheny he completed his thesis in creative nonfiction titled, Distillations: Essays on Science and Singularity in the Self as well as his thesis in organometallic chemistry. He was awarded the Kirk Caroselli English Scholarship to attend the Writing Workshops in Greece: Thessaloniki & Thasos (WWIG) and has served as an intern chemist at Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in creative writing with an emphasis in creative nonfiction through the Northeast Ohio MFA program at Youngstown State University.

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