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Lit by the Imagination

Happy National Poetry Month to those who celebrate! We love seeing poems springing up everywhere, like flowers and puddles and a good pair of wellies. To celebrate, we are sponsoring a new series, Lit by the Imagination, poems and prompts curated by Nin Andrews. We’ve created a Facebook page so you can find them all in one place.

Here are the month’s features. So many thanks to them for their wonderful poems and poetry ideas, and we hope you have fun writing. Many of these poets were included in the New Book News series, and we have tagged their readings here.

April 6: Sally Ashton April 7: Robert Miltner April 8: Molly Fuller April 9: Diane Lockward April 10: Kelly Bancroft April 11: Nicole Santalucia April 12: Marion Boyer April 13: Shara McCallum April 14: Barbara Sabol April 15: Tina Kelley April 16: Meg Pokrass & Lauren K. Alleyne April 17: Peter Johnson April 18: Cassandra Atherton April 19: Fred Shaw April 20: Karen Luke Jackson April 21: Philip Metres April 22: Kevin Carey April 23: Dante Di Stefano April 24: Marc Vincenz April 25: Nancy Mitchell April 26: Nin Andrews & Sarah Bracey White April 27: Carol Maldow April 28: Laure-Anne Bosselaar April 29: Rebecca Morgan Frank April 30: Dustin Brookshire


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