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Because It’s Fun!

Why do people take our workshops?


So many reasons. To meet interesting people. To try something new and creative. To become better writers.

“Our instructor really took a lot of time to give critical feedback about the stories that we wrote. He had a lot of good ideas and certainly spent much more time with us than was expected. He encouraged others to share their thoughts about the stories. I felt he was able to help me personally. I have written quite a bit, but mostly related to travel. He helped me connect the dots in the story line. I ended up with a much better story, I believe.” Who takes our workshops?
prose poetry workshop

People of diverse ages, lives, writing experience.

“Group was friendly and congenial.”

Where are the workshops?

playwrighting workshop

At coffee shops and restaurants, churches, libraries, schools, even a theater. We are grateful for our generous community hosts.

“The location was the perfect environment for a class about writing for the stage. I wouldn’t want it anywhere else.”

How much do the workshops cost?

storytelling workshop

For a six-week course, $25.00; for a one day “short,” $15.00. Our mission is to both keep our programming affordable, and to create economic opportunity for the experienced writers in our region.

What’s in it for you?“Low key. No pressure. Friendly atmosphere.” “Positive atmosphere encouraged risk taking. Teaching strategies were solid and deft keeping structure and form clearly defined.” “The class was structured so that there was no stress about writing or presenting work. It was up to each individual to get as much benefit from the class as desired, i.e. to put in as much effort as one had time and energy for without any pressure to do more. Critiques were positive and encouraging.” “What I liked least about the class? That it had to end.”
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