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April First Wednesday Reading: Five Funny Guys

April 1, 2015, 7:00, downtown at Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts, 32 Phelps St. Fr


This reading falls on April Fool’s Day, but this isn’t a prank and these guys are no fools. Come hear E. Hallaman (read by Jim Rogers), Roger Jones, Bill Koch, Stephen Sniderman and Jim Villani share their wit and wisdom.

Open mic to follow, moderated by YSU Student Literary Arts Association and editors of Jenny Magazine. Make us laugh with your words or someone else’s. Jokes, limericks, humorous stories and poems, takes us where only fools dare to tread, where fools walk in, bring us your fool’s gold, your gooseberry fool. Fool us once, fool us twice. We’ll suffer gladly.

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