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Writing Partner Speed Dating

Writing Partner Speed Dating

Writing partners can be an essential tool in a writer’s belt; they keep you accountable, share in your grievances, and help you improve your skills. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a writing partner, how to build a bond with another writer, and different strategies of keeping in touch with each other. Afterwards, we’ll host a “speed dating” session, where you’ll have the chance to meet your new ally in writing.

Writing Partner Speed Dating. Adults & teens. Friday, June 18, 5:00 to 7:00 PM EST, on Zoom. Course fee is $15 (scholarships are available). Please register here before June 15.

Meet the Teaching Artist: McKayla Anne Rockwell is a Youngstown-born writer currently attending and teaching at YSU. She has several short publications and ample experience working with Youngstown-based literary journals, including Volney Road Review and Jenny Magazine.


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