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Playwriting with Mike Geither (May 1)

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Playwright Mike Geither leads participants in a generative playwriting workshop on Sunday, May 1st at 3 PM at the Hopewell Theatre. All ages and experience levels are welcome. The workshop is free with registration.

This event is part of an Artists Resiliency Initiative funded by the Ohio Arts Council, Rob Briggs & Alyssa Lenhoff Briggs. Many thanks to the Hopewell Theatre.

Mike Geither’s plays and solo performances have been staged in San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, New York and London. He is a four-time Ohio Arts Council fellow and has served as a resident artist at Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito and as Playwright-in-Residence at Cleveland Public Theatre. Recent works include The Body is the Best (Zuppa Theatre, Halifax, 2022), Heirloom (convergence-continuum, 2019), and The Events of the Warren County Fair as Observed by a Young Astronaut (2016-19). He currently teaches in the NEOMFA at Cleveland State University.


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