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Mike Geither Actors' Masterclass & Theatre Roundtable (April 30)

Join award-winning playwright Mike Geither, Lit Youngstown and the Youngstown Playhouse on Saturday, April 30 for a master class on song performance and/or a roundtable discussion for theater stakeholders on the Valley theater landscape!

Saturday, April 30 | 1:30pm - 3pm In this workshop, Mike Geither will teach songs from the American and British folk cannons, (such as On Rides a Captain, What Wondrous Love, and Our Brother’s Gone) and some from across the globe. This workshop is open to theatre artists working at any level or anyone who wants to sing. You will complete the class with the attentiveness and listening ability that come with group singing, the ability to harmonize at a basic level, and to coordinate interlocking melodies. These skills are applicable in auditions, plays, rehearsals, acting warm-ups, playwriting, and in daily life!

Saturday, April 30 | 3pm - 5pm The theatre community roundtable is for theatre stakeholders and will include conversations about the general vitality of the theatre landscape, problems, triumphs, collaborations, questions, dreams, and ideas from the outside. This is a time to find out how the local theatre communities are doing! Moderated by Mike Geither.

Mike Geither’s plays and solo performances have been staged in San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, New York and London. He is a four-time Ohio Arts Council fellow and has served as a resident artist at Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito and as Playwright-in-Residence at Cleveland Public Theatre. Recent works include The Body is the Best (Zuppa Theatre, Halifax, 2022), Heirloom (convergence-continuum, 2019), and The Events of the Warren County Fair as Observed by a Young Astronaut (2016-19). He currently teaches in the NEOMFA at Cleveland State University.

For more information and to sign up, visit the link below.

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