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Literary Halloweeeeeennn!

Come down to the Soap Gallery to hear some readings that might keep you awake at night. We’ll have cookies & punch, and if you are inspired, wear your literary-themed costume, zombie to Zelda.

Christopher Lesko & Jay Newman read at the Soap Gallery, 117 S. Champion St., at 8:00 p.m.

christopher lesko

Christopher Lesko is the author of The Grlz Like Vodka, Long Live Crazy, That’s My Ghoul, The Electric Lunatic, and a handful of deranged short stories. Other creative outlets of his include fine art photography, video production, graphic design, and abstract painting. He lives in Canfield.

Jay Throne

Jay Newman is the notorious “Rust Belt Prince of Effing Darkness,” the poet who dabbles in all things dark, gloomy, morbid, and curious. He is a recent graduate of the Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts program where he earned his MFA in poetry. Recently, he has published poems in Dark Gothic Resurrected, Crab Fat, and Midwestern Gothic. He will be releasing his first book Dear Goth sometime in the near future. Jay is also a musician in the project Black Kangaroo and an amateur filmmaker. He currently resides in Youngstown, Ohio, where he teaches English at Eastern Gateway Community College.

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