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July First Wednesday Reading: Larry Smith & Paul Gentile

July 1, 2015, 7:00, downtown at Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts, 32 Phelps St. Free parking in the lot behind the Voinovich Building, corner of Hazel a

nd Commerce.

This will be another excellent reading, and a nice continuation of our own stories after the Youngstown anthology reading. After the reading, an open mic will be moderated by Youngstown author Carmen Leone.

Larry Smith is the editor of Bottom Dog Press and longtime, award-winning writer. He has published dozens of books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction as well as films. Larry will read from his own work, and will be joined by Paul Gentile, whose book Bottom Dog Press published this year. Salvatore and Maria: Finding Paradise is a family immigrant story. Here is what other writers have to say about this book:

Paul Gentile takes you along on Salvatore’s journey as he leaves Italy in 1902, works in the mines of Colorado, falls in love with Maria and moves to the Pittsburgh area to work in the mills. Like so many of that time, Salvatore rarely complains and takes his greatest joy in his family. The story that Gentile weaves here will ring true to nearly everyone in America. This book is for historians as well as those who enjoy a good family story.  ~Kathleen Ganster

Through fine writing and a remarkable level of research, Paul L. Gentile’s book is a compelling read, a powerful reminder of our shared history as American immigrants. ~Karen Kotrba

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