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Food for Thought: An American Marriage (Zoom)

“The personalized salutation, the handwriting quirks, and the inside jokes sprinkled throughout offer a glimpse at an interior world only the recipient is meant to see. There is no performance, no act put on for third-party observers. And while perusing just one letter between two people provides hints into their relationship, digging into a whole trove of letters sent over the course of several years can reveal intricacies that face-to-face interaction with the authors never would.” Tori Latham, The Atlantic. Wednesday, May 12, 6:00-7:00 PM EST. Copies of this book are available from the Mahoning County Public Library, Trumbull County Public Library, Maag Library via OhioLink, and the YSU Barnes and Noble. Haven’t read the book yet? No worries. Register for the Zoom room here.

This is the last book in our series of titles by Black authors. We take a break during the summer and return in fall with a new series on writer-as-character (fiction, poetry, memoir, biography).

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