Happy Kids with Books


Project overview:

Lit Youngstown is securing grants for several projects focused on providing quality children’s books to children in the Youngstown area. 


The first of these projects is the Literacy and Literary love: Head Start Book Project, in which Lit Youngstown seeks to collaborate with Alta Head Start to provide 760 children ages 0-5 with two quality children's books. This project will promote a love for reading, allow teachers and caretakers an opportunity to read and complete activities with children, and encourage language development and literacy skills. 


Our Partner:

Head Start is a federally funded, early education program provided to low-income families with children ages 0–5 that has many goals including promoting closing literacy and reading skill gaps. Alta Head Start is a program that provides Head Start facilities and 50 classrooms across Youngstown. See their website for more details. 


Why this project?

Research has shown that reading increases cognitive and linguistic competencies and language development for young children (references for this and other noted research is available on request). Specifically, across 27 nations, the number of books in a child’s home has been shown to positively impact educational attainment. However, in the lowest income neighborhoods, it is not uncommon for just 1 in 300 children to own a book compared to their middle-income peers who own an average of 13 books per child. The lack of access to books for these children may increase their risk of scoring poorly on reading tests and falling behind in school.