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Presenter Registration

Welcome, Fall Lit Fest '23 presenters! Please register on this page if you will staff a bookfair table or present your work during the day on Friday, October 20 and/or Saturday, October 21, on Youngstown State University's campus (in-person only). We are thrilled and grateful to host you.


  If you will attend but not present or staff a bookfair table, please register here.

If you are struggling economically and would like to apply for a sponsorship, please email us here. If you would like to sponsor an attendee, we will give you the opportunity to do so when you check out. Thank you! We will include your generous gesture in the program.

If you are no longer able to attend the conference, please inform us right away here.


The bookfair table registration is now closed. Each bookfair staffer is required to please register below at the presenter rate, with full access to the conference. If you are a presenter and a bookfair table staffer, there is no need to register twice.

Presenter & Bookfair Representative Registration
Will you attend the Gathering-In Thursday, October 19 at 7:00pm?
Which days will you attend dinner?
Would you like to serve as a session moderator, or volunteer for an hour to help with registration, lunch, etc.?
Would you like to be a new subscriber to our newsletter?
Select an item ($)
Which days will you be in attendance?
Do you have a disability?
If you have a disability, what accommodations would be most useful to you?
Is this your first Lit Youngstown event?

Thanks for registering. We'll keep you updated on Fall Lit Fest details!

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