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Writing Workshop: Personal Narrative as Resistance

Putting the “I’s’ in Activism: Personal Narrative as a Form of Transformative Resistance

Sharing stories is one of the most fundamental means of communication. In 2020, our reliance on connecting through personal narratives is as strong as ever as we continue to use various social media platforms to share our stories with the world. Speaking out about social injustice is proving to be a powerful way to expose oppressive power dynamics and motivate change. Channeling our experiences into compelling narratives that inspire dialogue helps to heighten our awareness of the complex social issues that plague our communities. In this workshop we will focus on crafting strong, personal narratives about injustice as a form of transformative resistance, with the suggestion that sharing these narratives with your community can be a powerful tool in combating social justice issues.

Putting the “I’s’ in Activism: Personal Narrative as a Form of Transformative Resistance. Sunday, July 12, noon to 3:00 p.m., on Zoom. Is this your first Zoom call? Click here to watch a brief tutorial. Three clicks/two registrations: Zoom here and Lit Youngstown here by July 10. Course fee is $15 (or pay as you are able). Please click here to pay via Paypal or credit card or mail a check payable to Lit Youngstown/323 Wick Ave. #9/Youngstown 44503. Thank you!

Meet the teaching artist: Adrianna Lamonge is an educator in Trumbull County and graduate of YSU where she received an M.A. in English. Her nonprofit is Rustbelt Social Justice Education and Activism.

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