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The CROW Makes a Landing at Suzie’s

Student writers from YSU will read their essays selected for the publication CROW, Compose: A Review of Writing. The evening will be emceed by CROW editor and Writing Center Director Angela Messenger. Wednesday Feb. 1 at 7:00, Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts downtown. No open mic this month.

Congratulations to the featured writers and their essays: Jared Lyder “The Democracy Debate” Antonina Boggia “We’ll Carry On: Welcome to the Black Parade” Lexi Rager “Under the Skin of Eating Disorders” Tyler McClellan “The Wrath of the Gods”

Casey Infante “Youngstown, OH: A Place to Go” Jill Blacksten “Paying College Athletes” Zameer Murad “Comic Books: For Better or Worse”

Mad props to Amanda Miller and Carly Carcelli, Writing Center graduate assistants, for spearheading much of this project the past two years.

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