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Food for Thought: Famous Drownings in Literary History

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Wednesday December 13, 6:00-7:00, Cultivate Co-op Cafe, 901 Elm St.

We continue our exploration of the rich diversity of the American experience with this collection of essays on Judaism in contemporary America, Famous Drownings in Literary History. Author Kevin Haworth read with Steve Reese in November, in our First Wednesday Readers Series.

If you wish to order dinner at Cultivate, please arrive well before the kitchen closes at 6:00. We thank Cultivate for staying open late to host our discussion.

The rest of the titles in this series are listed here.

This book may be a bit tricky to access, as the press’s own online market is down just now. There are no public library copies available. The university library system has one copy via Ohio University.

Amazon is offering a Kindle version for $4.99.

If you attended Kevin’s reading and are willing to loan your book to another reader, please send us a message:

Those of us who attended Kevin’s reading loved it, and the book has received high praise from reviewers and book critics. Here is a review in the Chicago Tribune.

If you haven’t read the book, and would like to join in the discussion, please come.

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