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Arts Festival Writing Prompts

At the YSU Summer Festival of the Arts July 11-12, we invited visitors to our booth to complete one or more of these writing prompts:

  1. I remember the day when…

  2. I wish I had the courage to…

  3. I am most inspired to write when…

We provided colorful slips of paper, then used clothespins to display the writing in our booth. We didn’t anticipate how much the result would resemble Buddhist prayer flags but we loved the sense of reverence it gave to the responses. We were especially pleased with the writing from kids, which often included illustrations (see below).  We’re delighted to share some of this writing with you.

I remember the day when:

– I read a book for the first time all on my own! – I learned that food could taste like sunshine. – I was born. – I fed my cat.

– I helped my cat after he fell. – My dog bit nibbled me. – When I saw my grandpa’s hometown in Italy. – The day I got my dog.

– I found my other half. – The first vacation in North Carolina with my Mom and Dad. – My dog stepped on a piece of glass and took six hours to stop bleeding. – I met my Hannah (HanMan). – I got the idea for my book! – I learned how to play Skee Ball and had my first corn dog at Idora Park! – My sister dropped her sandwich and said “My SAMMICH!” – I went to Disney – The day when my friend had a sleepover. – We brought home Chumley… from the pound.

I wish I had the courage to:

– Be unabashedly myself, open, and generous; unashamed! – Be the change in the world that I want to see. – Start my own advertising agency. –  Just do what I want without thinking about anyone else. I’d go to the Globe Theatre and try out for a Shakespeare play. – Finish my novel. – Love fearlessly. – Be more outgoing. – Fight a bear. – Make promises in the rain. – I HAVE the courage to make my own way,

I’m inspired to write the most when:

– I am surrounded by whiskey, poets, and gardeners. – I am heartbroken. – I talk to passionate people. It doesn’t matter what they’re passionate about, but if they feel strongly about a topic, I can’t help but be enthralled. I always walk away from those people feeling inspired and ready to make. -My seat is in the chair and the page is blank. – I read, and find an inspiring spark of creativity. – I’m in the woods.

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